• Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton for ages 3-5

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton for ages 3-5

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Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton


It's Splat the Cat's first day of school and he's worried. What if he doesn't make any new friends? Just in case, Splat decides to bring along his pet mouse, Seymour, and hides him in his lunch box. The teacher, Mrs Wimpydimple, introduces Splat to the class and he soon starts learning all his important cat lessons. But when Seymour escapes and the cats do what cats do (they chase mice!), Splat's worried again. Maybe now he'll lose all his friends, old and new! Just in time, wise Mrs Wimpydimple takes charge and teaches everyone an important new lesson... Maybe Cat School is going to be ok after all! We recommend for ages 4+

Story Mama Quick Review:

We love how Splat the cat goes from being very worried about going to school to being wide awake with excitement for his second day. Full of cats learning important lessons and making new friends this is a great story to be reading with school starters. There is just the right amount of sillyness to get a giggle out of most kids.

Story Mama Rating:

Engaging:  0.7/1                               

Fun to read aloud:  0.9/1              

Pretty to look at   0.7/1                 

Demands to be read again:  0.9/1            

Positive Message or Heartstring factor:  0.8/1 

Total:  4/5

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264 x 259





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Rob Scotton


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