• Old Tom's Holiday by Leigh Hobbs for ages 4-8

Old Tom's Holiday by Leigh Hobbs for ages 4-8

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Old Tom's Holiday by Leigh Hobbs

Bringing up Old Tom is hard work, so Angela is thrilled when she wins a luxury holiday- even though it means leaving Old Tom at home. Or so she thinks.

Join Angela and Old Tom on their hilarious journey around the world. 

Story Mama Quick Review:

This is a funny story, perfect to read aloud.Tom stowes away on Angela's holiday and hides amongst the landmarks. Kids will enjoy spotting Old Tom on her travels. When Angela keeps seeing things that remind her of Tom she thinks she would have perhaps preferred a holiday for two. Tom lands in her lap just in time for them to enjoy the rest of the trip. We recommend for ages 3-6

Story Mama Rating:

Engaging: 0.9/1                

Fun to read aloud: 0.9/1               

Pretty to look at: 0.6/1                  

Demands to be read again: 0.9/1             

Positive Message and Heartstring factor: 0.3/1 

Total:   3.6/5

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27.5 x 22.5





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Leigh Hobbs


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