• Eating Out by Helen Oxenbury, for ages 2+

Eating Out by Helen Oxenbury, for ages 2+

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Eating Out by Helen Oxenbury 


Mum is too tired to cook so Dad offers to take the family out for supper. But the youngest person present can t sit still and has to go to the toilet at the wrong time. Then someone falls over him when he decides to hide under the table. A warm and funny depiction of a child s first trip to a restaurant - which quickly turns into a disaster.

Story Mama Quick Review:

This cracked us up in the Story Mama house only because it accurately reflected several of our attempts to eat at a restaurant post kids. At least it demonstrates sitting in a high chair at a restaurant and having to wait for your food. We take no responsibility for children crawling under the table or spilling food!

Story Mama Rating:

Engaging: 0.9/1                

Fun to read aloud: 0.8/1               

Pretty to look at 0.8/1                   

Demands to be read again: 0.8/1             

Positive Message or Heartstring factor: 0.6/1 

Total:  3.95

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197 x 207





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Helen Oxenbury


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