• Digby's Moon Mission by Renee Price & Anil Tortop for ages 2-6

Digby's Moon Mission by Renee Price & Anil Tortop for ages 2-6

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Digby's Moon Mission by Renee Price & Anil Tortop

One night Diby Fixit wakes up to find his room is very dark. There is something wrong with the moon and Digby and his friends set off on a mission to restore it to its big round self. The friends spend the week preparing all sorts of food for their mission and have an unusual way of solving the problem. The author was inspired by her own little Digby Fixit who wanted to fix the moon

Story Mama Quick Review:

We like that this very cute picture book somehow manages to cover the cycles of the moon, being a little unsure of the dark, multicultural cuisine and the days of the week all in 32 pages. No mission to fix the moon would be complete without wonton soup, muffins, “thauthage rolls” and beef stew. This is a fun story for little kids with a big imagination. We recommend for ages 2-6

Story Mama Rating:

Engaging:  0.8/1               

Fun to read aloud:  0.7/1              

Pretty to look at   0.6/1                 

Demands to be read again:  0.7/1            

Positive Message or Heartstring factor:  0.3/1 

Total: 3.1 /5

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Publisher age recommendation



Renee Price


Anil Tortop

Date Published

December 2014


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