• Did you take the B from my _ook? by Beck and Matt Stanton for ages 4-8

Did you take the B from my _ook? by Beck and Matt Stanton for ages 4-8

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Did you take the B from my _ook?

For the Grown-Ups:

Okay. Two things you need to know.

Firstly, your favourite thing in the whole world is the letter B.

And secondly, you're about to sneeze and all the B's will be blown out of the book.

So until you can get your favourite letter back, your'e going to sound really, really silly....

And the kids will love it!

Ages: 4+


  • Short Listed for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards 2017 Ages 3-5

Story Mama Quick Review:

This hilarious story is all about reading aloud a book full of things that start with B. But the B goes missing. so the reader is forced to read it without it. Like _lue or _ull or _eetle. Fun and games!  With crazy logic and simple illustrations this is a lot of fun. Kids will love the fact that the grown up reading the story is stumbling over the words. You have to work together as a team to get back the B. This is a laugh out loud book full of silly fun.

We highly recommend it for ages 4-8.

Story Mama Rating:

Engaging:  1/1                   

Fun to read aloud: 1/1  

Pretty to look at  0.6/1                  

Demands to be read again: 1/1 

Positive Message or Heartstring factor: 0.5/1 

Total: 4.1/5

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267 x 192





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Beck and Matt Stanton

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