Preparing for the First Dentist Visit

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Each time my little man munched on a piece of chocolate or demanded to brush his own teeth I found myself cringing and having visions of holes in his teeth and fillings. He was a drinker from a bottle until he was almost 3 (I know – BAD parenting!), and to further exasperate matters used a dummy as a baby. I will admit to feeling just a bit scared when we went on our first Dentist adventure together.  What would they find? What would they look for? Would my very active, hardly ever sits still 3.5 year old sit patiently with his mouth open on command?? I thought it highly unlikely!

Ever wondered what’s involved in a child’s first Dentist visit? I know I did and it was all very straight forward and painless. Child played with toys in waiting room, got to wear sunglasses in fancy dentist chair, had teeth counted, then inspected with mini scary looking tools and then it was all over in about 10 minutes. Amazingly he passed with flying colours. Looks like our combined approach to brushing (him mostly, mummy demanding to do the bits he missed) is working. We have also bought one of those tooth brushes that flashes for the time you are required to brush which I think helps keep him on the stool for the extra minute after he is bored of it!

To prepare for our first dentist visit we did a bit of role play, and practised opening our mouths really wide and poking around in them. That seemed to help. You could also take your little one along to your own check up so they know what they are in for (probably best to ensure it’s a visit without a root canal or something similar!).

Another great way to prepare for a dentist visit is to get your hands on a picture book about going to the Dentist. One example is Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly tooth. In this story, Charley has a wobbly tooth and goes to the dentist. He sits in the dentist chair, learns how to clean his teeth and meets the nice Dentist.  You can find it in our Milestones Category under “Going to the Dentist”

Have you taken your little one to the Dentist? How did it go?

Last update: Mar 29, 2017


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