CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2017

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I was thrilled today to attend the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Awards. It was a star studded ceremony held at Government House Tasmania.

Her Excellency Professor The Honorable Kate Warner AC Governor of Tasmania hosted the event at Government House and it was a really special venue for a very special event!

You can see the full list of winners and honour books here.

These are the winners of the categories that are relevant to our age groups:

Book of the Year: Younger Reader

Rockhopping by Trace Balla

Join Clancy and Uncle Egg on a rambling, rockhopping adventure in Gariwerd (the Grampians), to find the source of the Glenelg River. A story about following your flow and the unexpected places you might go.  

This is an adventure in nature filled with speech bubbles with a layout a bit like a comic. The adventurers go camping and hiking over several days and nights. They carry all of their equipment on their backs and get stronger every day. It is a book that celebrates nature and exploring. It has lots of text so is for confident readers or could be read aloud over several sittings with a parent.  The illustrations are filled with detail to spot. In the story, Uncle Egg has to trust and leave Clancy to retrieve a lost piece of gear. Clancy passes the independence test with flying colours.  Kids will love reading this again and again.  It is much longer than a standard picture book - 80 pages. We recommend it for ages 5-10 years 

Book of the Year: Early Childhood

Go Home, Cheeky Animals by Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley

At Canteen Creek where we live, there are cheeky dogs everywhere. But when the cheeky goats, donkeys, buffaloes and camels make mischief in the camp, the dogs just lie there - until those pesky animals really go too far. Then the cheeky camp dogs roar into action!

Full of bright and large text and with drawings that sometimes cover 2 pages, this is a fun read aloud for ages 4-8. Kids from the city will be amazed to see how many dogs live at Canteen Creek. 

Picture Book of the Year


Home in the Rain by Bob Graham

Francie's going to have a new baby sister very soon. But what will her name be? Francie has so many ideas! 

On a long drive home with Mum, in the pouring rain, maybe they'll find one that's just right.

Francie visits her grandma with her mum and is driving home in the pouring rain. The story explores how different animals and people experience the rain. Her dad is working far out to sea and has been gone fro 3 weeks now. This is a gentle and heart-warming story about a journey, and deciding on a name for the soon to arrive baby sister. There is some great detail in Bob Graham’s illustrations which give kids lots of new things to spot with each reading.

This is Bob Graham's 7th CBCA award. Amazing!

So, that's a wrap of the CBCA awards for another year. I am thrilled to be able to attend in my capacity as a member of the National Board. Although I did miss Literature day at Master 8's school! #mumguilt.

Did you think the judges got it right this year? Tell us in the comments below.


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